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Shameless Season 5 Episode 10 "South Side Rules" airs Sunday, March at 9 pm on Showtime.

#Gallavich Shameless #5x06 I can't bear to see Mickey in pain. I really can't.

Shameless "Do you love Mickey?" "I like how he smells." See bottom picture 😔

I actually didn't realize Felicity was called Overwatch and Dig was called Spartan. The more you know....

Black Siren is back for season 6 of ARROW check it out on the CW network BTW season 5 of Arrow isn't finished yet. I can't wait for season I love Katie Cassidy

Supernatural 12.11 One of my new favorite episodes... Who am I kidding... I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Supernatural - I still have yet to see this episode, but it's the stills like this that kinda make me wish that I did. >>> this episode was funny, then it was sad.