Alanya, Turkey  - I will be here this summer! There's one daydreamer with a check on her list of Must See

Harbour view, Alanya, Turkey - photo by Darrell Godliman. The Red Tower (Kızıl Kule) is a well-known building in Alanya.

Turkey - Alanya

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Alanya, Turkey

Kaputaş Plajı - Kaputaş Beach, near Kaş on Mediterranean coast, Turkey.

Alanya Castle - Alanya, Turkey

This photo from Antalya, Mediterranean is titled 'Alanya Castle'.

Alanya, Turkey

Sunrise Ocean Cave- Reminiscent of the band the Verve's album cover for A Storm In Heaven. What an amazing photo with the reflection of the sun on the ocean, the blue sky and ocean, and the outline of the cave.