Pınar Fidancı

Pınar Fidancı

Uzm. Çocuk Psikoloğu, BAL '01 & Boğaziçi '06 & '09, İzmir
Pınar Fidancı
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30 Meals to for 1-year-olds: I have such a hard time coming up with new meal ideas for my young toddler- love this list!!

Every once in a while my team and I put together a resource that I am especially proud of– this simple round up is definitely one of those times. As straight-forward sounding as this list is, Kaley has really done an incredible job of rounding up 30 recip

Millet Cakes with Carrots and Spinach - Vegan-optional millet cakes from the America's Test Kitchen Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. Vegan version uses flaxseed and almond milk.

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Mini Quiches - Feeding Olive

Mini Quiches These quiches are so easy and fast portable and versatile. Can be eaten for breakfast or dinner, lunch or snack, warm or cold, Olive prefers them cold because they’re a little firmer and.