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three booklets with different colors and font on the front one has a cross in it
Southern Plus
Southern Plus on Behance
three different colored books sitting next to each other on a blue surface with a pink wall in the background
These Academic Planners Will Help You Keep Track of Everything
10 Cute Planners 2021: Best Student Planners To Stay Organized | Teen Vogue
colorful credit cards are arranged in rows on a white background, with text below them
Virtual Cards - Explorarion
three vertical banners with abstract shapes and colors on the front, back and side of each banner
Premium Vector | Memphis cover design template
six booklets with different colored shapes on them
Multi-coloured Branding & Packaging: Gallery & Inspiration — BP&O
an image of different types of fish and sea creatures in line art style on white background
Haguruma - Letterpress from Japan
Haguruma - Letterpress from Japan on Behance
a man in black leather jacket holding a watch
Jackson ♥
four fold brochure with different colors and shapes
City of Olivet - Visual identity
an advertisement with four different hand symbols on the front and back of it, in chinese
an image of a website page for children's toys and crafts, with the title help children
Landing page. Above the fold - Charity
two plastic animals sitting on top of a red and blue surface
13+ Product Flyer Design Ideas, Examples & Templates - Daily Design Inspiration #40
three colorful abstract posters on a pink background
Free Vector | Memphis cover collection
three different colored papers on top of each other
London Luton Airport | Identity Designed