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an electronic device with the time displayed on it
Effisense, foto: subida por Effisense el 14 de febrero de 2012 - 5e24aba6 | Technology | Id design, Pattern design, Design
a white box with black dots on the front and sides, sitting against a white background
世界初の「日本酒セラー」を中田英寿氏らが開発 ! デザインはnendoの佐藤オオキ氏が担当 | GetNavi web ゲットナビ
a close up view of the side of a white car with its hood vents open
The Next Step For Singer: Meet The Lightweight 500HP Rocket That Could Be Called The Ultimate Air-Cooled 911
an electronic device with a speaker attached to it
Aluminum Archives - leManoosh
the back side of a white and black object with dots on it's sides
Images of Air touch by Rumi Li
a black and white photo of a speaker
R2 . CA . 2023: Photo
an image of the back side of a smart device with its reflection on the surface
Texture Archives - leManoosh
an abstract set of nine black and white dots on a white background, each with different shapes
Colección de puntos de medio tono negros abstractos | Vector Gratis