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Alveoli in the lung

Image: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images This is what a colour-enhanced image of the inner surface of your lung looks like. The hollow cavities are alveoli; this is where gas exchange occurs with the blood.

Oral manifestations of childhood illnesses. 1. Oral thrush 2. Varicella - Chicken pox. 3. Stomatitis herpetica or Aphthosa [Herpetic stomatitis] 4. Stomatitis ulcerosa or Scorbutus 5. Follicular tonsillitis 6. Diphtheria. Pediatrics: The Hygienic and and Medical Treatment of Children. Thomas Morgan Rotch, 1901.

1901 : Manifestations orales des maladies infantiles biomedicalephemera: “ Oral manifestations of childhood illnesses Oral thrush - Caused by the Candida fungus overgrowing on the mucous membranes.

NS Hodgkin = Lacunar cells. Node is effaced in a pattern of nodules carved out by bands of sclerosis. Classic RS ARE present, but the distinctive cell type is the LACUNAR CELL (large cell with a round to convoluted vesicular nucles and variably sized nucleolus). The lacunar look is from formalin, not seen in B5. Mummified cells are also present. Background of mature lymphs, PC, and eos. Histiocytes/granulomas are seen. NS is most common type of HL in western world, affects YOUNG FEMALES and…

A Collection of Surgical Pathology Images

Sickle cell disease.

I've seen the RBC morphology of this so far as an MT. Twice the presentation was overt. The other time was not as apparent. This was one instance where info on the person's race/ethnicity played a role in sending out for confirmation.

These are some of the complications caused by sickle cell disease. What other conditions are caused by sickle cell disease?

Looking for online definition of sickle cell disease in the Medical Dictionary? What is sickle cell disease? Meaning of sickle cell disease medical term. What does sickle cell disease mean?