Rabia Uysal
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Trick to this look: Printed short with a high-quality t-shirt, neutral colors, classic heel, bag adds interest without distracting in bright color. (I just love the back and hat and that the shoes have an ankle strap.) Maybe for holiday, printed shorts

the jumpsuit done just right

Oh, Snap! More Than 100 Street-Styled Ways to Outfit Summer: The jumpsuit done just right. Source: Joy Jacobs Photography: The jumpsuit done just right.

See no evil hear no evil speak no evil.... a tattoo to live by.

This particular skull puts a new spin on the idea of The Three Wise Monkeys known for their infamous “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” mantra. Tattoo by Carl Grace.

Music Tattoo Design on Leg

Music Crazy Micro TaT A lot of people love music, so do they love tattoo. What are the tattoo ideas for music fans? In this post you will enjoy a list of lovely music tattoo designs. Every music element, music… Continue Reading →