Citrus Slices: 1) stem stitch an outer circle; 2) chain stitch just inside the stem stitch; 3) stem stitch 8-10 segments, evenly spaced in the circle; 4) starting from the point of each segment, stitch two long chains on the LHS, finishing just inside the top edge, repeat this on the RHS, then fill the middle with additional chain stitches; and 5) complete all the segments in the same manner. Note: that there are three tones of a single colour for each slice.

Citrus Slices: stem stitch an outer circle; chain stitch just inside; stitch two long chains in the left and right of each segment, finishing just inside the top edge. Use varying tones of the color on each slice.


Appears to be middle-eastern style embroidery on a very light weight linen (batiste?


Ensemble Date: ca. 1798 Culture: European (probably) Medium: cotton, silk Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: Purchase, Irene Lewisohn and Alice L.

レモンとオレンジの簡単刺繍の画像 | 【かんたん刺繍教室】たった6つのステッチだけでらくらく刺繍上達ブログ

レモンとオレンジの簡単刺繍の画像 | 【かんたん刺繍教室】たった6つのステッチだけでらくらく刺繍上達ブログ