Tiny bows

Ridiculously tiny bows

How to BOW, Making a small bow using a fork. For slightly larger bow, use a large serving fork.heck, I may try to find a pitch fork so all my bows will be perfect instead of wonky!

en azul

ROUND BARGELLO-jULY 21 Love this stitch. You will also see it called Interlocking Chevrons and Silly Stitch. It's a form of Bargello. I am using the beautiful stitch right now on a canvas.

Bargello needlepoint

An introduction to bargello needlepoint. How to use colour to its full effect in this lovely form of canvas work.


Curtain Stitch - she recommends using 2 different fibers for the stitch, like a Neon Rays or Sparkle Rays for the frame work and a Frosty Rays or even a Planet Earth Silk for the insides.

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