Artist: Unknown Title: Portrait of Sultan Mustafa Date: late or early century Materials: opaque watercolor on paper Location: Turkey

Shah Abbas of Persia and Wine Boy by Muhammad Qasim Musavvir Subject of the painting echoed through a Persian couplet: "May life bring you all you desire of three lips: the lip of your lover, the lip of the stream, and the lip of the cup.

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Ottoman miniature painters-Painting atelier of the Sultan. The miniature shows the author, probably the court chronicler Talikizade, caligraphist and miniature painter working on the "Shahname" for Mehmet III (ruled

ALPHA OMEGA ARTS "Passover" by Raphael Abecassis Passover (Pesach) is a Jewish holiday and festival.

Mughal Equestrian Falconry Add the subtle sophistication of this magnificent Mughal Miniature Painting to your own collection. The unparalleled classic portrait art brings out the graceful and ro…

The Miniatures of the Zubdat Al-TawarikhOne of the richly illustrated manuscripts of the sixteenth century is the Zubdat-al Tawarikh in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul, dedicated to

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