Sakinah Design | Beautiful home and party goods.

Al Shams lattice panel is inspired by century Mamluk architecture from Cairo, Egypt. This pattern once decorated a pair of minbar doors in the Mosque of Emir Sayf al-Din Qawsun.

Muslamb | Color Pop Qurans

The color POP continues inside with each Juz highlighted by it's own vibrant color. Clear flowing Uthmani Arabic text throughout

Silver Envelope | Haji Noor Deen Card

Fun, hip and elegant Islamic Party & Stationery products and articles for Eid, Ramadan, Hajj and all Islamic holidays and occasions.

Muslamb | Iqra bookends

1 IQRA Bookend Fuschia by muslamb on Etsy

modern EId | Stylish goodies for celebrations.

modern EId | Stylish goodies for celebrations.