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What is the easiest form of exercise? I everyone will be agree if I say walking. Everyone from all ages, both gender and any fitness level can do it. It might also be the most comfortable exercise you can do since require no equipment or muscle strength. Though this exercise is so simple it still …

We all know how important it is to regularly monitor our health. But also, it’s a fact that only a few people make regular systematic examinations of their body. Most of us… Continue reading "How To Check Your Health In 1 Minute With Just A Teaspoon"

3D street art

I love it when artists play with nature in their work. In particular I have a thing for that kind of art that puts nature into a different perspective and makes you look at it in another way. A selection of artists have done exactly.

Homeros’un  Odysseia  Destanı’nda  bahseder. Kral Odysseus harbe gider giderken oğlunu öğretmen, bilge ve güvenilir dostu Mentor’a emanet eder. Mentor, Oğul Telemachus’u babasının yokluğunda korur  ve  ona  akıl  hocalığı, öğretmenlik  yapar. Onu  geleceğe  hazırlar.  Bu  ilişkinin zaman içinde kopyalanmasıyla, “mentorluk” denen sistem yaygınlaşır. Mentorluk teknik, mesleki bilgi-beceri geliştirmekte de kişisel gelişim için de en işe yarayan, en ihtiyaç …

thisblueboy: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Venice 1696 Madrid, Young man with a bow and a large quiver and a friend with a shield, Rijskmuseum, Amsterdam

| Stop Wars | by @kobrastreetart in Wynwood, Miami ▪️snap by @pavlitosway ▪️#streetart #miami #graffiti

In Miami for a couple days on a project stopped by one of my favorite areas of the city. the Wynwood Art District! The whole neighborhood is decorated in colorful graffiti & murals like this. by expertvagabond