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Blusa larga com folho: Blusa larga, de mangas compridas, em popelina de algodão com folho decorativo nas costas. Tem um bolso no peito, botões na frente e base ligeiramente arredondada.

Blusa larga com folho

Wide blouse with a frill: Wide, long-sleeved blouse in cotton poplin with a decorative frill trim at the back, a chest pocket, buttons down the front and a gently rounded hem.

23 Striped Shirt Collar Balloon Sleeve Shirt - ROYAL BLUE L

Striped Shirt Collar Balloon Sleeve Shirt

Hulya Aslan

Can you style your abaya with jeans? We all know that abaya is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women. But there are many ways to style the abaya with different techniques to look stylish.