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Tone Up Your Body Strengthen Core, Sculpt Waist, and Define Chest Muscles
Achieve the body of your dreams by focusing on core strength, waist sculpting, and chest definition. Unleash your full potential with these transformative exercises! 🔥 #BodySculpting #CoreStrength #DefineYourBody #FitGoals #WorkoutMotivation
Boost Your Confidence With This 4-Minute Posture Mobility Routine
Good posture can make you look and feel more confident. This 4-minute routine will help you to improve your posture, stand up taller, and feel more confident in yourself. #confidenceboost #postureimprovement #selfconfidence #workoutmotivation
15-Minute Bodyweight Workouts with Josh Kramer
Two exercises for the mobility of the thoracic back. Great for those who often slouch.❤️‍🔥👍
1️⃣ Get on your knees and elbows, then relax your back so that the armpits fall to the floor, and not back. The angle at the knees is 90 degrees. 2️⃣ The exercise is performed in the same way, only on straight arms. ⛔️ Remember! These exercises are performed only by relaxing the back, not by pressing down. The movements are all smooth and without jerks. . Follow 👉 @weightlossenthusiast LIKE 🖤 SAVE 📌 SHARE 👫🏻 CRUSH it. Cc @makarin #weightlossenthusiast #Flexibility #ExerciseTips
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10 Day Chair Workout To Lose Belly Fat (NO STANDING)
10 Day Chair Workout To Lose Belly Fat (NO STANDING) - YouTube
the muscles are highlighted in this diagram, and there is an arrow pointing to the right
Say goodbye to love handles with this exercise. / Aim for two weeks.