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an image of different cities in black and white with the names of each city on it
cities of the world- so cool. Going to Istanbul next summer! London & Paris are at the top of my bucket list. The rest don't look too bad either. ;)
the city skylines of different countries in black and white
Romantic Cities Most Famous Skyline City Silhouette Design Collection Set Pack 1
a painting of boats floating in the water with houses and buildings painted on it's sides
Artwork published by Chase1266
"city by the bay" 3rd grade, these are lovely!
a painting on canvas with city lights and the moon in the sky above it,
Denim Blue Jeans • Wall Art
citycape - I like the grayscale
an art project is shown with cityscapes and stars in the sky, as well as clouds
Van Gogh Skies
Starry Starry night city. 2nd-4th
black and white city silhouettes
black and white city silhouettes
an art project made with construction paper and colored crayons on a blue background
3rd grade Starry Night cityscapes
This week 3rd grade started their Starry Night cityscapes! This project was inspired by the awesome art teacher, Katie Allain. Her imag...