Tutorial ponto chinês, muito simples.

Simple embroidery stitch that starts with a row of simple back stitches. With a blunt needle, the yarn is then looped through the stitches. This can be done on fabric, of course, but is also beautiful on knitted or crocheted pieces.

Pumora's Stichlexikon: umschlungener Rückstich; threaded back stitch (EN); point de piqûre rebrodé/orné/entrelacé (FR) punto pespunte entrelazados (ES)

Der umschlungene Rückstich

Pumora's stich-lexicon: threaded back stitch, umschlungener Rueckstich/Rückstich (DE);

Vainica bainha aberta

Rare Linda Driskell Drawn Thread MINIATURE SAMPLER - Hardanger Embroidery Pattern Booklet-I have this about half done, looking forward to finishing

Bordado passo a passo: Pap de bordados Mais

this is similar to the type of embroidery I was trying to remember from a project I did with my mom. I will have to pull out some needlework books and try to find it. Pulled some threads OUT of the fabric after stitching.

technique des jours en broderie - Cerca con Google

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