warp painting -- an interesting pattern and technique.

little fool.(a small business romance): "Cloudy w/a Chance".Painting on Thread

16th century ottoman kaftan back fragment

Fragment of a kaftan back, Ottoman period (ca. century Turkey, probably Istanbul Silk, metal–wrapped thread;

Rose brocade, Turkish, 16th century.

Rose Brocade Textile Turkish , century Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Bequest of Hervey E.

#silk lampas, Turkey, 16th century, metmuseum

Back references from Album in Album for Album of photo: Ottoman Textiles in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Cushion cover, 17th century; Ottoman

Cushion Cover (Yastik): Date- Century Geography- Turkey Culture- Ottoman Museum Held- The Met Technique-silk, cotton, metal wrapped silk, cut and voided velvet brocade Motifs- central medallion surrounded by carnations, tulips and serrated leaves

16th Century (Bursa, Turkey) • silk textile fragment

Fragment Date: century Geography: Turkey, Bursa Culture: Islamic Medium: Silk, metal wrapped thread;

Brocade. Fragmentary silk velvet with repeating tiger-stripe and cintamani design, Ottoman, second half of 15th century. From Bursa. Materials: silk, metal-wrapped thread. Cut and voided velvet (çatma), brocaded.

Fragmentary silk velvet with repeating tiger-stripe and cintamani design, Ottoman period (ca. second half of century Turkey, Bursa Silk, metal-wrapped thread; cut and voided velvet (çatma), brocaded;

16th  Century velvet panel • ottoman turkish • silk and metal thread

Velvet Panel Date Medium Silk and metal threads Dimensions 42 x 25 in. x Department Islamic Art Classification Textile Credit Founders Society Purchase, Robert H. Tannahill Foundation Fund Accession No.

Cushion Cover (‘Yastık’)  Ottoman, Turkey, 17th century.   Medium: Silk, linen (?); cut and voided velvet, brocaded.

Cushion Cover (Yastik) Object Name: Cushion cover Date: century Geography: Turkey Culture: Islamic Medium: Silk, linen (? cut and voided velvet, brocaded

Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ - Silks for the Sultans - текстиль из музея Топкапы, Стамбул

Silks for the Sultans - Textile Museum of Topkapi, Istanbul - Ornament and style DPI