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Resource Furniture is the exclusive North American dealer for Clei, the innovative Italian manufacturer of wall beds and other transforming furniture…
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This Sofa Has a Secret...
The Tonale Sofa wall bed transforms from a luxurious sofa to a queen-size bed in under 15 seconds—all with just the push of a button. Instantly add a bonus guest bedroom to your home, complete with an Italian-made, OEKO-TEX-certified mattress. Discover the space you didn't know you had with transforming furniture solutions by Resource.
The Finest Transforming Furniture Solutions
An on-demand guest room when you need it, a luxurious living room when you don't. Discover how our transforming furniture systems can revolutionize your space!
Transforming Furniture Solutions for Any Need
With transforming and multipurpose furniture, uncover the space you didn't know you had—and put that underutilized spare room to work!
two different views of a living room with couches, bookshelves and other furniture
Transforming High Quality Furniture
Wall Beds enable you to live better with less while allowing you to maintain the same level of comfort! Make sure you check out this transformative furniture. #wallbeds #transformativefurniture #furniture #smallspaces #smallliving
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Wall Beds - Live Better With Less
Regardless of your living situation, the opportunity for more space is hard to ignore and wall beds give you just that! Wall beds provide the extra functionality you need without investing in more real estate. Find out more about our wall beds today!
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Wall Bunk Beds
Looking for something that is both functional and fun for your kids? Check out our multi-functional wall bunk beds! Perfect for kids, teens and adults, these hidden bunk bed wall systems seamlessly transform into fine European bunk beds featuring customer-made Italian mattresses! #bunkbeds #wallbunkbeds #kidsroom #smallspaces #organizedliving
Add an extra room to your home with a multifunctional Murphy bed with a sofa.
Resource Furniture offers a wide variety of the finest quality, space-saving wall beds and sofa wall bed available in sizes ranging from queen to twin to bunk beds – so you know you’ll find one that meets your needs and works perfectly in your space. With a sofa wall bed from Resource Furniture, there is no need to sacrifice comfort, quality, or beautiful design.
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Transform your kid's bedroom into a study with a modern wall bed
This school year might look a little different from years before, and so, being prepared with the right tools for a successful learning experience at home is crucial.⁠ Visit our website for a special collection curated by the Resource team to 📚 study wherever 🍎 ⁠ Packed with flexible pieces that work flawlessly together, find inspiration to unlock the potential of your space now!⁠
there are two different rooms in the same house
Make your home as flexible as your lifestyle!
Now more than ever, we know that a home is more than just a place to eat and sleep — it’s where we work, where we play, and where our families blossom. As our lifestyles become more varied and flexible, we need to make sure that our spaces reflect us and the changes that we go through. So, how do we do just that?⁠ Straight from our editors' desks, a guide on creating an organized multi-use room that's just as dynamic and everchanging as our days.
Fold away these bunk beds to reveal a stylish sofa!
As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind! Kali Duo Sofa bunks quickly transform into a neat, clutterless den. Fold away and ready to take the day! Kali Duo Sofa is a twin XL-size bunk bed and features a locking ladder, concealed pistons, a patented soft-open/close mechanism, and a tilting upper bunk that allows bedding to be easily changed, as well as a padded, folding headboard on the lower bunk, a padded upper safety barrier and additional storage compartment on the top bunk.
a bedroom with two bunk beds and a small table in front of the bed,
Small living: plenty of room to play and rest for your little ones!
With limited space and a second baby on the way, this family outfitted their 675-square-foot, 2BD Brooklyn apartment with transforming wall beds from Resource Furniture. The Kali Duo bunk wall beds and Penelope queen wall bed fold seamlessly into the wall when not in use — so the kids can enjoy a spacious playroom by day, while mom and dad can use their master bedroom as a home office.⁠