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1920's  Hello, ladies .......!!!

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1920's Hello, ladies .......!!!

I love this custom made natural tree staircase. Staircase railing is usually just...staircase railing, but this railing is different and unique! This is great for a rustic, country, and even modern decor look.


Natural tree staircase railing customized to elegantly grow from the steps to the wall. …

How to Dress Like a 1920's Flapper

Flapper Outfit: How to Dress Like a 20s Flapper Girl

Step by step guide to dressing in a quality authentic 1920s flapper costume. With handy infographic to help you dance into the roaring twenties.

Cambridge Undergraduates c. 1926. Plus fours...note how wide they are at the knee....we still make PROPER! Plus fours at Rhodes-Wood, Harrogate

Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s

A celebration of all that's beautiful, strange and exciting about the 1920s, with a few excursions...

This picture represents the mens work wear of the 1920s. They wore long pants and overalls and long sleeve shirts. This picture stood out to me because of how tough these men look. They are very intimidating looking and don't look like someone you would want to mess with. These men worked hard, long hours and were very good at their jobs.

Buying Guide and Encyclopedia for Denimhead’s Well-Made Essentials

Denimhunters guides and educates denim lovers, helping them make better and more informed choices when buying and wearing jeans.

1920′s lifeguard

The Best Pop Culture From Around The Web

Photographs have long been used to record special and unique moments - birthdays, weddings and the occasional selfie are all commonplace. But these next 30 photographs go beyond the norm - they encapsulate the mood, tone and values of yesteryear, a compelling account of the evolution of our value...


Oscar Marion

German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 1642/1, 1927-1928. Photo: Ufa. Oscar Marion (1894-1986) was an Austrian actor and production leader of the silent era and 1930's.

1920s style

Carlo Aldini

German postcard by Ross Verlag, nr. 3270/1. Photo Atelier Kurzrock, Wiesbaden. Carlo Aldini (1894-1961) was an athletic hero of the Italian and German silent cinema. Born near Lucca, Aldini was raised in Bologna, where he frequented the famous gymnastic club of Virtus (the same in which Luciano Albertini had trained) and soon won matches in all sections. At the age of 15 he was champion in wrestling, boxing and jumping in the province of Emilia. In 1914 and 1915 he won the national…

J.L. Taylor Men's Fashion Catalog 1927

J.L. Taylor Men's Fashion Catalog 1927

Explore this photo album by Lowden1969 on Flickr!

mens swimsuit 1920s

1920s Vintage knitting pattern-mens swimsuit, bathing costume,pdf email delivery

elcome to Vintage Visage Patterns. We specialise in sourcing and republishing vintage knitting, sewing, crochet, embroider and craft patterns for your delight. This is a knitting pattern from the 1920s for a delightful mens swimming, bathing one piece costume which is so much fun! Very reminiscent of the British Enid Blytons Book 'Famous Five' illustrations of Dick and Julian It is in the form of a pdf file which will be delivered directly to your computer via email within 24 hours of your…