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Young Bucks Take Dig At How WWE Would Have Treated FTR If They Stayed

Vince McMahon had a big idea to repackage the Revival as a comedy act. He wanted to dress them as clowns, but they decided not to sign new deals. Now that

Davey Boy Smith Jr Rumored To Be Big Star For WWE NXT UK Brand

WWE has many former Superstars out there who are interested in coming back. It seems likely that Davey Boy Smith Jr will return to WWE eventually. During

WWE Wines Introduces First 2 Limited Edition Bottles

AEW has their Little Bit Of The Bubbly, and now WWE is in the alcohol game as well. They are producing two limited edition wines based on The Undertaker

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Roman Reigns Clarifies How Soon Fans Should Expect His New WWE Entrance Music

Roman Reigns is getting new music, but it's not coming as soon as Clash of Champions. There is a lot more involved with creating new entrance music, but

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Some In WWE Tried To Deny COVID-19 Outbreak In NXT

The COVID-19 pandemic is still going and it reached NXT in a big way. There is now reportedly an outbreak in the black and gold brand. Positive tests

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Roman Reigns Confirms He Is Getting New WWE Music

Roman Reigns returned to WWE at SummerSlam, but he looked like his old self to a certain extent. That will change soon enough as he is now the Tribal

Roman Reigns Says The Shield Might Be Worth Re-Visiting In 'Half A Decade'

The Shield was Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. Now only 2/3 of that faction is still under WWE's roof. That makes a reunion very hard, but

WWE's Plan For Aalyah Mysterio On RAW

Aalyah Gutierrez has been appearing alongside her family on WWE television. Most WWE fans know her as Aalyah Mysterio, and her storyline took a big twist

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Roman Reigns Making BIG CHANGE To Ring Gear At WWE Clash Of Champions

Roman Reigns is tired of his old look and he wants to refresh it to match that new Tribal Chief attitude. Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns are set to be a

WWE Retribution Reveal Was Met With Laughter Backstage During RAW

Retribution showed up on RAW yet again this week, and they had a much different mission. They also had different masks, and new names. Those changes might

Retribution Member Changes Social Media To New WWE Name

Retribution were signed to WWE contracts this week on RAW, and they got new names. Those one-word names were not what fans used to know them by, but they

How Long WWE NXT Knew About COVID-19 Outbreak

WWE discovered several positive COVID-19 tests in NXT. This is said to be an outbreak in the black and gold brand. According to Fightful, several positive

Veda Scott Comments On AEW Status & Thanks Fans For Continued Support

AEW provided Veda Scott with an opportunity to join their commentary team as a guest for the Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament. That guest spot has

Shane McMahon Says He 'Learned The Pro Wrestling Business Backward'

Shane McMahon appears every week on RAW Underground, but he is equipped to do so much more in the company. In fact, some consider Shane as one of the

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Evil Uno Reveals AEW Gave The Dark Order 'No Clear Picture' Of Their Direction When Debuting

The Dark Order started out in AEW as a strange cult with creepers forming a human throne for Evil Uno to sit upon. There was no clear idea for fans as to