Dame turque voilée (Veiled Turkish Lady) - 1880s Albumen Photograph by Pasqual Sébah

metamorphoseandbodhi-deactivate: “ Dame turque voilée (Veiled Turkish Lady) by Pasqual Sébah (Pascal Sébah), c. Pasqual Sébah was one of the most important professional photographers of his.

Hatice Sultan's Turkish Red Wedding Dress (gorgeous beaded headdress w/ red chiffon veil) more views chlick through to link --  (Magnificent Century)

Hatice Sultan's Turkish Red Wedding Dress (gorgeous beaded headdress w/ red chiffon veil) more views chlick through to link -- (Magnificent Century) From tv series The Magnificent Era

Worth Costume (Fancy Dress-Turkish style), 1879, shows us another example of orientalism at the time, Met

Fancy Dress Costume Charles Fredrick Worth, 1870 The Metropolitan Museum of Art via Retro Rack: Fancy Dress Costumes ~ The Victorian Halloween

A pleasantly purple wedding kaftan that would have been worn by a Jewish-Turkish bride (Magnes Collection)

Festive woman’s dress (‘bindallı entari’). Late-Ottoman, urban, end of century. It reportly belonged to a Jewish family. Adorned with goldwork on velvet.

A Turkish Affair: Jumeirah Magazine. Repinned from Vital Outburst clothing vitaloutburst.com

COLOR AND TEXTURE A Turkish Affair: Jumeirah Magazine Photo: Claire Rosen
Styling: Chrystel Livolsi
Assistant stylist: Perle Battistella
Make up and hair: Dennie Pasion
Model; Masha and Louisa

Madame James Fremeaux in Turkish Dress, 1738

1738 Madame James Fremeaux by-Jean Etienne Liotard (Musées d'Art et…

1926 Fancy Dress "Young Princess of Lotusland" Costume via Ballets Russes and Erté: Theater Costume in LACMA’s Collection. Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

France Fancy Dress Costume, ’Young Princess of Lotusland’; Girl’s Jumpsuit, Belt and Turban, 1926

18th century Oriental dress / Turkish robe

Mrs Baldwin Joshua Reynolds (British, Oil on canvas. Jane Baldwin, age 19 here, was born in Smyrna of British parents. She had no East European blood, but Mrs.

"Portrait of an Unknown Woman Wearing Turkish Costume" by Gervase Spencer (1755) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "The costume and pose of this unknown woman are copied from a miniature by Jean Etienne Liotard, who worked in Turkey for many years. At this date in Britain, Turkish dress was popular as masquerade costume, and Liotard's costume can be seen in a number of portraits of different sitters."

Portrait of an unknown woman wearing Turkish costume

Portrait enamel of an unknown woman in Turkish costume, dated painted by Gervase Spencer (d.

Flag - Turkey

National flags made with foods that are popular in that country [36 pictures]

Turkey Capital: Ankara Official Language: Turkish Government: Republic Currency: Turkish Lira Driving: right Religion: Islam Flag: -red: time of war and survival