I am so excited to be offering this as a free crochet doll pattern! It has been one of my very favorite Friendly Dolls  to make. I h...

Princess Sophie is now a FREE PATTERN! The Princess Sophie Doll is about 15 inches tall and 3 inches w.

Bunny family crochet toys - amigurumi patterns

If you want an interesting bunny pattern, have a look at this one. It can help you to crochet a whole bunny family. Let's create these cute crochet toys!

This free amigurumi pattern will help you to create a crochet toy with cute amigurumi details.

Here you will find interesting ideas and lots of free amigurumi patterns and step-by-step crochet toy tutorials.

Merhabalar sevgili dostlar...   Bugün sizlerle, şu meşhur çizgifilm karakteri olan Masha'nın tarifini paylaşacağım. :)   Pek cici t...

Apple Candy Crafts Workshop - Amigurumi Baby and Formal Models: Amigurumi Mash Recipe / Masha Amigurumi Free Pattern

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Sake-Knit amigurumi toys: Great Safisa Amigurumi Amigurumi Free Pattern Baby Doll Built-in