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As dicas de organização da Marie Kondo tem corrido o mundo através da série mas a fama dela começou bem antes com o lançamento dos livros: A Mágica da Organização e Isso Me Traz Alegria, popularizando também o princípio do minimalismo. Para te ajudar eu vou deixar aqui 7 dicas que ela ensina para deixar a sua casa mais organizada! #mariekondolivros #mariekondo #livromariekondo #amagicadaorganizacao #dicasdeorganizacao #sparksjoy #issometrazalegria #organizaçãodecasa


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Nuno life: Stegosaurus
Mind blown.  Why didn't I think to put all the parts together and sew darts?  This seems much easier!  I have so much to learn!


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the silhouettes of seven people holding hands together
I Transform Everyday Objects Into Usable Art (14 Pics)
an image of a woman in the water with her arm around a man's head
Out Of The Earth You Came
Out Of The Earth You Came • Grapefruit Moon Gallery Fine & Decorative Art
an image of the inside of a human mouth
Mouth, open (MIS 65-5390-1), National Museum of Health and Medicine
65-5390-1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!National Museum of health and Medicine, Illustration by DK Winter.
the pattern is made up of small dots and lines, with black dots on white paper
Alpha pattern #121044
Alpha pattern #121044 | BraceletBook
a black and white image of a woman's face on a green background with dots
Alpha pattern #154841
Alpha pattern #154841 | BraceletBook
a close up of a bracelet on a white surface with blue, brown and pink colors
Normal pattern #160481 variation #323137
Normal pattern #160481 variation #323137 | BraceletBook