Guinga Encaje / Pollo bordado de Scratch para la primavera

Gingham Embroidery (or Chicken Scratch) for Spring

Neşe'nin gözdeleri

Needle Lace The moment Ifirst laid eyes on oya needlework was not as profound as one might imagine.

esquina con flores

I love the embroidery on gingham that makes it look like lace. Suisse broderie is also referred to as chicken scratch in the US.

Em Corazón Antique Linens-Antique Linen monograma bordado pañuelo italiano

Lovely "M" monogram surrounded by tiny embroidered bouquets ~~ Em's Heart Antique Linens -Antique Linen Monogrammed Italian Embroidered Hanky

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Único centro de mesa florales noruego Hardanger con por MnMom23

Unique Hardanger Embroidered Centerpiece This Centerpiece was hand stitched by myself on a light green 25 count quality material with 3 shades of