Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to help you with your small business. It can be tough to find the right person to outsource tasks to. On this…
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Looking to add a Virtual Assistant to your team?
Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or unorganized in your business as you enter the new year? Running a business can be exhausting. We get it! Whether you need help on the administrative side, or creative side of your business - Rock Solid Virtual Assistants can help! We are currently offering 10% off of 3 months when you sign up in January.
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How many hours does my new hire need?
But before you bring your team member on, I recommend using a timer while you’re completing the tasks you’d like to delegate. You can explore how long they take you, and estimate just a little bit longer for a new team member.
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Is It Time to Hire A New Team member in 2023?
If you're a driven, extremely busy entrepreneur who never has enough time, let’s look at 7 signs it’s time to hire a virtual assistant. How many describe you?
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Stop overworking and under-delivering
This is a telltale sign it's time to hire help!
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Feeling exhausted?
Life as a solopreneur can feel like an endless list of tasks. If you feel this way, it might be time to hire a virtual assistant.
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Solopreneur - you don't have to go it alone
We support solopreneurs every single day in growing their business!
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What Should I Delegate?
We have a saying around Rock Solid: “Trust until you can’t anymore.” This is my personal leadership style, but you can trust your team with a strategy.
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Virtual Team Tips
We share tips for leaders and virtual assistants all the time! Join our email list for practical and professional tools:
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Virtual Assistant Success
Hear from an experienced virtual assistant and agency owner how to succeed!
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5 Traits of Highly Successful Virtual Assistants
Whether you’re looking to grow your skillset as a virtual assistant, or if you’re looking to hire one, the most important thing to think about is whether or not you’re a good fit with the other person!
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Detail-Oriented Virtual Assistants
Whether you’re looking to grow your skillset as a virtual assistant, or if you’re looking to hire one, the most important thing to think about is whether or not you’re a good fit with the other person! While many people can learn “hard skills,” the soft skills determine the success of the relationship.
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5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Virtual Assistant
Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation to your virtual assistant but not sure how to? Read on for 5 suggestions that can help when you want to show them that you appreciate them.
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The missing piece for business leaders: REST!!
If we’ve read all the things and are still creeping up on the last stage of burnout, then something isn’t working. Maybe it’s about more than “self-care” or “work smarter, not harder”? Perhaps we’re learning that the “hustle-and-grind” mindset only looks good when we’re scrolling by social media posts. If we are working long days and into the weekend, it may be a sign we need to shift our mindset and learn to work from a place of peace, rest, and trust.
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There are a lot of myths floating around about virtual assistants. And let's be honest, there are many different virtual assistants in the industry. Some of them are giving others a bad name. ⁣ 💎⁣ Here at Rock Solid, we will be clearing up some of these myths and answering questions. The first myth we are starting with is: "Being virtual hinders their quality of work."⁣ 💎⁣ I will say, virtual work isn't for everyone. If you do not have personal accountability, self-discipline
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"Hello! I'm Trena and I'm a virtual assistant based in beautiful Spokane, WA. When I'm not working, I love to camp next to the water, explore new hiking trails, read thought-provoking books, chat about personality tests, and hang out with my family. ⁣ 💎⁣ I joined Rock Solid in November 2020 after deciding to leave a high-stress job and refocus my energy on creating a life that aligned with my values. Becoming a virtual assistant has allowed me to do just that. I love getting to share m