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an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background and trees on both sides
Fantasy City Inspiration: Medieval Mountain City
Coasted nice and high in the mountains, this medieval city thrives on wood as its main export. They do have some mining, but their mines are a little ways away from the main city. As it is built in the mountains, people face daily challenges such as fending off the beasts that roam the forests, crawling too close to the farms, and testing the city's defenses. But it is all a distraction as an army marches for the city. Wood nor stone is its main treasure, though only a handful know of it. How did a demon army find out?
a painting of people sitting around a table in front of a castle like building with lots of windows
Dungeons and Dragons royal festival | Patreon Dungeons_LAB
a group of people dressed in fancy clothing standing next to each other and confetti falling from the sky
Dungeons and Dragons noble party | Patreon Dungeons_LAB
a ghost standing in the woods with its head covered by a long white cloak and glowing eyes
a man standing in front of a store filled with lots of items and people looking at them
Dungeons and Dragons dark shop | Patreon Dungeons_LAB
an old abandoned house in the woods at night
a man on a horse in front of an old building with a giant statue behind him
Fantasy Art Watch
Estátua Guardiã
some people are standing on the stairs in front of a light that is shining down
Escadarias da Masmorra
an image of a man on top of a giant piece of paper with writing in it
List of the Fallen - Art by Unknown Artists - 40K Gallery
a woman standing in front of a stage with statues on it and light coming from behind her
Fantasy Art Watch
The Last of the Kings by Vladmir Manyhukin
a painting of a castle in the woods
a painting of an old ship with ropes and ladders