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Rojin Öztürk
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"Dawn at Futamigaura" ("Futamigaura") - (The Married Rocks). Circa From the "Collection of Scenic Views of Japan--Western Provinces" ("Nihon Fukeisha Kansai Hen").

kanagawa oki nami ura bullfinch and weeping cherry blossoms ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Flowers at the Cherry Blossom Shrine in Settsu Province, Katsushika Hokusai

Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg

Kanagawa oki nami ura (The great wave off shore of Kanagawa) Katsushika, Hokusai Created / Published [between 1826 and printed later] 1 print : woodcut, color. Print shows a huge wave bearing down on boats with a view of Mount Fuji in the background.

thunder in our hearts: hope gangloff

thunder in our hearts: hope gangloff. Such vivid, beautiful colours and patterns with such languid poses :) Like a modern day Klimt.

Malcolm T. Liepke (1953)

Desire Sideways Glance title unknown title unknown Curled Up Nude The Wild One title unknown Blue Eyes Couple In Love title unknown Brunette Girl – Girl In White Blouse Longing In Grey Cascad…