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an image of a house with numbers on the front and back side, labeled in green
Pixel House Outline
Pixel House Outline – Mr. Creed's Lights
an electronic device sitting on top of a wooden table next to a charger and cords
How To Never Put Up Christmas Lights Again (but still have Christmas Lights)
You guys asked for it!! Templates for the Silhouettes are available in my Etsy store.
You guys asked for it!! I got so many requests for templates for my Halloween silhouettes so when I designed my Christmas ones I had you guys in mind. I made templates for you so you can easily make these silhouettes yourself using plywood, a sharpie, a cutting tool, paint, and lights. It’s a simple concept but so very affective. Go check them out! The link to my Etsy store is in my bio or you can search for ShopBarberellaHome on Etsy.