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Finger Foods and Smoothie Pops for Babies

We're sharing our go-to finger foods lineup for babies today along with some of our favorite smoothie pop recipes especially for the little ones.

Quick & Easy Apple, Peanut Butter & Oat Dog Treats - Puppy Leaks

Looking for a nice simple dog treat recipe to make? These apple, peanut butter & oat dog treats are a favorite of mine. They're easy to make and my dog

If You Really Love Your Dogs, Make Them These Watermelon Treats

Everyone love to splurge on frozen treats like ice cream to cool off on a warmer day. But what about our furry four-footed friends? Do they have to make do with their usual bowl of crunchy kibble? I think not. It turns out that you can make safe, healthy watermelon,

Easy Lunch Packin’ Hacks

There's no wrong way to be a kid. And infinite possibilities call for all-day energy. That's why we pack LaunchBox with high-quality protein and only the best ingredients. To curb the after-school crash that sugary snacks can't tackle. And start filling and fueling the moment that you step in the frozen aisle. So go ahead-thaw and dig in

26 Dog Grooming Tutorials For A Clean Pup

For lack of better words, is your pup a simply a mess? Mine certainly needs grooming and bathing more often than I would like, and the time and expense of a trip to the groomer just does not always fit into my schedule. I wanted to learn how to groom my dog at home, but really had no idea where to start. Seems quite challenging, honestly. Fortunately, there are lots of tutorials available for DIY dog grooming, and it turns out it is not nearly as difficult as you might think. From trimming…

Mi vida de madre

Papás conscientes, hijos FELICES. Sitio especializado para el cuidado de mamás, bebés y niños pequeños. Podcast, recetas, cuidados, juguetes, hermanos y más.

Homemade Flea Prevention Dog Treats {2 Ingredients & Grain Free}

DIY Dog Food Recipe Ideas You Can Feel Good About

While it may take more time to make your pet's food, it may be very worth it. So, here are some wonderful DIY dog food recipe ideas for you to try out!

Easy Recipe for Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Everybody and every animal would prefer to eat healthy and ditch the chemicals and preservatives that taint our food and cause potential health problems. And while as human owners of dogs, cats and other pets, we sometimes don't eat the right foods, we can control what our pets eat. And for me, that means preparing homemade treats for our pet dog. DIY Dog Treats Your Pup will Love To be honest, my dog will eat most anything you give him or he can snatch off the floor before you tell him no…


Primal Suction Tug Toy

Your dog will LOVE our Tug Toy! With this, it’s no surprise when sooner or later dog lovers come home to find some unexpected damage inflicted by their dog


Apple Butterkin Apple Pie Persimmony Delight Pumpkin Apple Soup Applesauce Fruit Blends Sweet Summer Pie Applecchini Apples + Bananas The Green Monster Oatmeal 3-Ways ABCs Cauli-Apple Mash Avocado Perfect Pairs Applecchini Creamy Dreamy Mish Mash Green Eggs + Pear Banana Land Meets Sea Lady Autumn Apples + Bananas Tofruitti Mish Mash Muffin Baby Banana Split…

100 Great Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Gifts

Check out these instructions to make 100 simple gifts for a holiday, birthday or any occasion. Some of these are so easy to make that kids can help, too.

Happy National Dog Day! Join The Celebration On August 26th - DogTime

August 26th is National Dog Day! Of course, every day is Dog Day if you have a loving pooch at home. However, we can always use another excuse to go above and beyond for the canines who show us love all year long.