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copritavolo bluette cornflower blue tablecloth (I would love to make this but. As big as it is I doubt if I could ever finish it)cj

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Gallery.ru / Фото #2 - орнаменты из "бабушкиного сундука" - nini15bu

lily-of-the-valley border (the red and black are not intended to be the colors the stitches are done in -- use white and greens)

Amsterdam Street Scene by Anchor, counted cross stitch kit

Amsterdam Street Scene - cross stitch kit by Anchor - Tall Dutch houses beside a canal and of course tulips in bloom.

hama beads mini disney - Buscar con Google

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Obi-Wan Kenobi Han Solo Chewbacca Yoda Lando Calrissian Wicket the Ewok Admial Ackbar Wedge Antillis Mace Windu Queen Amidala Jabba the Hutt Bib Fortuna Jaw.