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Rose Miller

Dahlia, Brookside Gardens, Imagination IMG_7299 A

Dahlia Show at Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, Maryland on September 29, 2012. Photograph by Roy Kelley using a Canon PowerShot G11 camera. Roy and Dolores Kelley Photographs

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Container dahlias - perfect for balconies & terraces

Bonnie and Blithe

Pam Howden Waterlily Dahlia - Peachy-orange petals with hints of fuchsia and a glowing yellow center. Stunning waterlily dahlia! Thanks for looking! Facebook | 500px | Robin Evans Studio | Instagram | Pinterest | Etsy

Dahlia 'Classic Swanlake' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Classic Swanlake', mid August. A semi-double dahlia, with creamy white flowers and purple-flushed foliage. Miscellaneous Group.

Dahlia Seedling Abacus 07/01 | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia Seedling Abacus 07/01, early September.

Dahlia Hall of Fame 2017!

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

Dahlia 'Karma Prospero' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Karma Prospero', mid August.

Dahlia 'Olivia' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Olivia', mid August.

Dahlia 'Moonfire' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Moonfire', early September.

Dahlia 'Mayan Pearl' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Mayan Pearl', early September.

Dahlia 'Boom Boom Red' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Boom Boom Red', early August. One of the biggest Ball type dahlias.

110806_319_Dahlia 'Gallery Art Nouveau'.jpg

Dahlia 'Gallery Art Nouveau', early August.

Dahlia 'Witteman's Superba' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Witteman's Superba', mid August.

Dahlia 'Rossendale Rattle' | Alan Buckingham

Dahlia 'Rossendale Rattle', early September.