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Thrift Books. Aka best thing ever College Hacks, Cheap Books, College Life Hacks, Life Hacks For School, School Help, School Study Tips, Simple Life Hacks, The More You Know, School Hacks
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Thrift Books. Aka best thing ever
a text message that reads, life pro tips whenever you need to study for an important test
dorm [trends]
a bedroom with hammock beds and lights on the ceiling, carpeted floor
The Hunt Augmented Reality application and merchandise
A hammock under your lofted bed.Super fun for the dorm!
a woman sitting on the floor using a laptop computer with text overlay reading 6 online jobs for college students
9 Jobs for College Students
6 Online Jobs for College Students
three different colored cityscapes mounted on a wall
20 Paint Chip Crafts - A Little Craft In Your Day
DIY City Skyline with Paint Swatches.. With all my left over paint swatches from my headboard!
a dorm room with bunk beds, desks and lights on the wall above it
15 Amazing Dorm Room Pictures That Will Make You Excited For College -
Cute for a dorm or apartment.
a living area with a refrigerator, microwave and bookshelf
Small Space with Super Style
Dorm Rooms & Decor....lots of space saving ideas, cheap decor ideas, and colorful decorating ideas for bedrooms or dorm rooms. My teenage girls will hopefully find this useful in the near future.
the process of making an art project with colored paper and scissors is shown in three different stages
Easy And Beautiful Wall Decoration | Best DIY Ideas
Easy And Beautiful Wall Decoration | DIY & Crafts Tutorials
a bedroom with bunk beds, desk and chair in it's center area is shown
College Dorm Storage Ideas | ... ideas design your dorm to feel the size of their college dorm room is
college checklist with the top 5 must haves for college students to use it
The Best Deals Online: Furniture, Bedding, Rugs, Kitchen Essentials & Moree
the bathroom cabinet is filled with toiletries and personal care items
150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home
This is perfect for my bathroom need to decide what needs storing and pick up a few baskets, totes and other items. Baskets are great for keeping shaving supplies, shower gels and soaps and other items organized. Hanging shower caddies are perfect for keeping shampoos and things organized and there is no rule that says you can only have one. Hang them on the shower wall with Command hooks
a bulletin board that has pink and black writing on it with the words monday, wednesday, friday
Do it Yourself
All you do is buy the picture frames, and use whatever colored paper you would like to make it pretty. Put the class on it, and then you can write on it. I would put this by the door going out so then you'll know what you have to do for the day.
a painting hanging on the side of a wall next to a light switch and door
18" x 24" canvas: Paint: Foam brushes: Painter's tape: Acrylic sealer (matte): To create your own abstract lines begin by applying the painter's tape to the canvas including edges. plan out which color you'd like in each white section apply coat of paint. Allow to dry and apply a second coat. Allow to dry and then peel off the painter's tape. Last, apply an acrylic sealer (if needed).
a bed with two paintings on the wall above it
Tape Paintings
Tape paintings - i think this would look way cooler if you used various widths of tape, and three shades of the same color.