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an advertisement for the internet company's website
a man in a tank top is surrounded by pink and white flowers, candles, and hearts
two men in suits and sunglasses are looking at an album
a man sitting on top of a gray couch holding his glasses up to his eye
two men standing next to each other with their fingers in the air
two tweets are on the same page
a man standing in front of a computer screen with the caption, i'm not going to get in the sprinlock suit
two tweets that are on the same page
a group of people sitting on top of brown chairs in front of a theater screen
two screenshots of the same person talking on their cell phones
a man in a suit and sunglasses giving a thumbs up sign while standing next to an orange curtain
a man in a suit drinking from a bottle
jerma long hair edit <3
he is worth living for his food and eating it in the morning or at night
I hate everything but him
He probably wouldn't even like me if i met him LMAO