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Horse - Power Miniature painting of a Persian horse in hand made watercolour paints, with shell gold, emeralds and rubies on tea stained wasli paper.

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Costume Turkish-Persian Empires Ghaznavid, Seljuq and Ottoman, to name the most prominent. The Turks and Persians were the premier military tack makers of all time and creators of exquisitely adorned horse gear for the aristocracy and ruling sultans.

artdetails: Aqa Mirak, Iskandar réconfortant Dârâ pendant que ses deux…

Persian Horses

♂ A Prince and Princess on Horseback, made in India in the century (source). A Prince and princess on horseback century Mughal dynasty Color and gold on paper H: W: cm India Gift of Charles Lang Freer Freer and Sackler.