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Hard surface flooring options including Linoleum, a "green" product

Depending on your flooring needs, there may be several hard surface options for you. Hard surface flooring includes linoleum sheet goods and tile goods.

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Poser du lino dans votre demeure, idées en photos!

En outre on vous conseille de poser du lino dans la chambre d’enfant. Cette variante va vous offrir un vrai confort pour votre gosse qui va jouer sur le sol

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers and DIY Ideas Made For Walkin’ - Floor Stencils by Royal Design Studio - My Interior Design Ideas Diy Flooring, Painted Floor, Floor Makeover, Home Improvement, Royal Design Studio, Stenciled Floor, Diy Decor, Flooring, Floor Cloth

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers Made For Walkin’

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers and DIY Ideas Made For Walkin’ - Floor Stencils by Royal Design Studio

LOL- Design on a dime baby! A Warm Conversation: Work with what you GOT-Paint Your Linoleum Kitchen Floors - I've painted 4 kitchen floors - 4 wood & 1 newer spongy linoleum - all turned out amazing & did not peal

Work with what you GOT-Painted Kitchen Floors

FLOOR UPDATE: (4/15/2015) I know you have all asked for update pictures and I have FINALLY gotten around to snapping some iPhone pictures ...

DIY Painted Vinyl Floors: Turn gross, dated sheet vinyl into durable, stunning "tile" fo. Diy Flooring, Diy Vinyl, Painted Floors, Painting Tile, Painted Vinyl Floors, Cheap Diy, Diy Painting, Flooring, Diamond Tile Floor

DIY Floors: Vinyl to Tile for Only $50

DIY painted laminate floors. How to turn your dated, gross laminate floors into something fabulous with just paint!

linoleum flooring 5 Steps for Painting Vinyl and Linoleum Floors

5 Steps for Painting Vinyl and Linoleum Floors

Do you have a dingy looking linoleum or vinyl floor in a room of your house, which, complete with cracks, holes, turned up corners, and stains, was dull even on the first day of its life and just went downhill after that? Something like this:This type of flooring is pretty much standard in the bathrooms, kitchens and especially laundry rooms of many older homes. Many of us grew up looking at these floors, and to this day we might just assume that living with the offensively non-offensive…

My $50 floor – The Bachelorette Pad Flip

New Kitchen Floor Marmoleum Painted Linoleum Ideas

How To Transform An Ugly Linoleum Floor on the Cheap

DIY Painted and Stenciled Linoleum Floor - A perfect solution when you're not ready to fully replace your floors. I wanted to try something fun to make them pretty for the time being. Head over to the blog for a complete tutorial from start to finish.

The Virtuous Wife: How I Painted my Linoleum Floors - Wohnwagen

How I Painted my Linoleum Floors

Painting Linoleum Floors -

Ricochet and Away!: I Painted My Vinyl Floor-laundry room floor! Ricochet and Away!: I Painted My Vinyl Floor-laundry room floor! Diy Flooring, Kitchen Flooring, Home Improvement, Vinyl, Home Decor, Stenciled Floor, Laundry Room Flooring, Flooring, Vinyl Flooring

I Painted My Vinyl Floor

Paint and stencil a vinyl floor. (Do this with Mom's kitchen & bathroom.)