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DIY Dollar Tree Balloon Arch for 10 Dollars! | Your next party NEEDS this Dollar Tree Balloon Arch (no stand required!)🎈 | By Do It On A Dime | Hey, guys. I love Balloon Arches. They are so pretty and on trend and making them in following tutorials, I found is really hard. So today, I'm going to show you how using all Dollar Tree products. You can make one for about ten bucks. I'm going to break it down step by step so anybody can do it. You my friend, don't go anywhere. I know you've got a party. You've got a plan this summer. Let's do it. We are going to use this wall for the balloon arch. Go to the Dollar Tree and get balloons in the colors of your choice. They come 15 to a pack and you're going to need eight packs. Also, you want to grab some ribbon, you probably already have this at home and I think having a balloon pump is really handy. It makes this go so fast. You can get them on Amazon. I'll be sure to link it down below but if you just want to blow em up manually, that's fine too. Technically, you only need seven packs but because the colored balloons are not evenly distributed, I decided to buy eight just in case. First, you want to blow up your balloons in groups of two. That's why I love having the pump because you can both at the same time and you're going to want to tie these together. This is going to save you a step. You want to make sure your balloons are about the same size so I like to blow up a template balloon that I can compare my other balloons to and if you're wondering how long a project like this takes, my husband and I were able to complete it in about 45 minutes and I think the more you do it, the faster and better you get at doing it and of course, what would a DIY be without some snafus along the way. It was a popping good time. Each layer of the column is going to consist of four balloons that you twist together and here's exactly how to do that. I'm going to show you with color balloons so you can do it in any way. Just make sure that the same colors are always opposing each other. Here, I've connected green and yellow and blue and red and those are always the way I'm going to tie it together. Lay one over the top, give one side a twist and then, the other side a twist. Make sure to twist them the same direction each time so the balloons are in the same order when putting on your tower for a cool twisted effect. Once you have your balloons in groups of four that are flat like this, we're going to connect them using our ribbon. I going to start with just the white layers first and then show you how to twist the other layers. You're going to take your ribbon in the center, tie it in a knot. Once you've got your knot on the base, you're going to take the next layer and you're going to stick it right on top and at a slight angle so this balloon is nestled between the two below it. We're going to weave our string over the top of one layer and under the next one below it to keep them together. Ready? So here, we're going to go over the top Now, we've gotta connect it to the one right below it so now we got this next layer we gotta bring this balloon in this guy's going to come in and we're going to connect it to the one below it gotta keep him on board too top under top just go around until that layer is fully connected to the one below it just like that I'm only going to do two for the cloud and now we're going to start our colors If you want a cool twisted shape, check this out. We're going to use the red as our anchor. So, I'm going to put this down and follow the same pattern. You may be tempted to want to bend the column as you work but always tie them on straight. I'm laying at a diagonal each new layer. Now we're going to take this again we've got the colors I'm going to set the red one over just like that just going to keep connecting my string So, you just keep tying it the exact same way and it will start to bend just like this on its own. We stood this up so we could see how many more balloons we needed and we're a little bit over the halfway mark. So, we're going to blow up about eight or so more and connect this all the way down into the archway and stay tuned so you can see how this is going to stay on your wall. You could attach this to the wall using some string and tucks but I think it's way easier to get some weights. I just used some B bags that pulled from the garage. You could even use beanie babies if you have them and tie it down on either side of the arch. To think, you guys are supposed to put me through college and now here you are holding up The End of a Balloon Arch. It's been so long since I've done a bonafide Dollar Tree Hall. I love the party bags that they have this year. These pinwheels are super cute. It's really easy to take a color scheme and run with it. This one kind of turned into an over the rainbow party. They also had these wooden signs. This is brand new in the Mother's Day spot. There's no place like home. I had to get it and they even had little rainbow candles. They had rainbow necklaces and don't forget when you're at Dollar Tree in addition to the balloons which are great deal. Definitely look for the mini paper straws. These are so cute and can go in any theme that you have and I just put them in one of the little orb vases. Are you ready for the final reveal? This is the Balloon Arch. It is so much fun. This was made for right about ten dollars. Plus, I got some additional balloons. The Dollar Tree now sells giant confetti balloons, two for 1 dollar twenty-five, totally worth it. They also have mini heart balloons. We blew this up. You could make any rainbow. In fact, if I had to go do this again, I might choose darker colors rather than the pastels but either way, this is so beautiful and would look great for any party. If you want to see more big DIY just like this one, would you leave this video a big thumbs up? My sweet friend, if nobody has told you today, you are enough. Big hugs. Can't wait to see you soon. Too much. He does not like this. He's like, I don't like doing this. It's okay, buddy. They're not going to hurt you. It's trapped. What do you think, Gogi? Cool. They are cool. Oh, cookies. I know that. I didn't know what those cookies were for.
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