Line Art Tea Pots

Machine Embroidery Designs - Line Art Tea Pots Set Line Art Tea Pots Embroidery Machine Design Details - Love the patterns for kitchen towels.

pretty silk ribbon heart

I ❤ ribbon embroidery . (translated) Embroidery Ribbons- The basis of gabardine. Tapes were originally white, painted to work at the center, toned after. Size The very heart embroidered heart for the first

Ribbon Embroidery - I love this so much! I've done a lot of silk ribbon embroidery...would love to try this.

Beautiful job of embellishing this. It would look great on a card or on a crazy quilt.

Сезонные окошки (вариации на тему) - Бискорню и другие "кривульки" - Страна Мам

Вышиваем ))

Сезонные окошки (вариации на тему) - Бискорню и другие "кривульки" - Страна Мам

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Lovely row of cross-stitched houses - a surprising part of a pouch. Zakka Style, with the linen, lace and colors. Lots of great inspiration for embroidery on this page.