Entre linhas.

Ukraine, from Iryna ~ fancy twisted interlocking stitchwork to join two pieces of fabric. Picture is big enough that I can see where the needle goes and how the thread wraps around in this embroidery technique. Try this to put together knitted or crochete

Col's Creations - Traditional Hardanger Designs - Samplers Make A Perfect Gift or Stitch One For Yourself

Col's Creations - Traditional Hardanger Designs - Orchid Sampler - Part of the Samplers Collection.

A Song of the Weather - Twelve small Hardanger designs based on the basic shapes of square, diamond and octagon, with a variety of bars, filling stitches and surface stitches.

Original Hardanger charts for all levels of skill by Ilke Cochrane - a relaxing project or a needlework challenge

Hardanger - http://www.pennycornell.co.uk/Hangings/Hardanger-House-full.jpg

This concept would be fun to do with each window having a small photo of ancestors. and the house being a BIT larger so you could have a sort of "family tree' in the form of a house.

Hardanger Sampler di MaryHickmottDesigns su Etsy https://www.etsy.com/it/listing/459467414/hardanger-sampler

A true Hardanger Sampler with 15 squares which can be used individually or a set of 9 for a cushion cover, the list is endless.