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a map showing the wine regions in france
The Wines of Piedmont, Italy (DOCs and DOCGs) | Wine Folly
One of the best ways to explore Piedmont (or as they say “peh-ah-MON-tey”), Italy is through its wines. Drink your way through the region and you’ll discover quite a range of styles: from the bold and age-worthy red wines of Nebbiolo to the delicate, sweet, fizzy white wines of Moscato d’Asti. If you didn’t know it already, Piedmont (Piemonte) is one of Italy’s most acclaimed wine growing regions. Of Italy’s 20 major wine regions, Piedmont ranks 6th in highest production volume.
a house with the words just the essentials on it, and an image of houses in
News & Commentary essential amenities chart. Visit source link at the end of the article for more information.
many different flags are flying in the air
New Corporate Tax Cuts Ignite Global Tax War |
Unintended Consequences 101: Tax Scheme Ignites Global Tax War
an advertisement for the 5 eco friendly prefab homes available right now
5 Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes You Can Order Right Now
5 eco-friendly prefab homes for sale right now.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white desk in front of a blurry background
Need a new website? Let us enhance your web presence!
Need a new website? Let us enhance your web presence!
two people are doing yoga in front of a pink background and one is upside down
5 Sex Positions That Will Give You a Better Body
5 Sex Positions That Will Give You a Better Body
a woman in a white suit posing for the camera
Death Row Records Co-Founder Lydia Harris Opens Up About Suge, Harry-O & New Label
Eight reasons more Nairobi women are dating older men | Happy Marriage, Marriage Advice, Dating Tips, Relationship Goals, Happy Marriage Tips, Couple Photos, Tristan Thompson, Bad Boys, Lets Dance
Eight reasons more Nairobi women are dating older men
Eight reasons more Nairobi women are dating older men |
a woman pointing her finger at the camera
If you’re looking to fund your startup or small business, you can really get ahead when you know what not to do when you make your pitch to investors.
a close up of a bee on a flower with it's wings spread out
How African honey bees can help mitigate a world crisis | CNN
Managed honeybee population stocks are declining in many countries, worrying scientists, the public and politicians. This decline affects us all.
an orange flower in a white vase with greenery behind it and blurry background
Biodegradable pencil invented that can be planted into food
Instead of an eraser at the tip, the pencils contain a biodegradable capsule with seeds inside.
a map of texas with the state flag painted on it
Why more Americans are moving to Texas than anywhere else
TEXAS -- Ever wonder why it's so crowded here in Texas? The IRS may have the answer. They found more folks are moving here than any other state. "I'm originally from California. I moved back and fo...
a large white house sitting next to a tree
Houston Forward Times
Gentrification and its Impact on Long-Time Residents of Third Ward
an artist's rendering of what the city would look like if it was built
Here Are Renderings of the Newest Proposals for Atlantic City
Consultants hired with Hurricane Sandy recovery money unveiled concept proposals for Bader Field and Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City.
a line graph showing housing opportunity index
Housing Affordability Edges Up in the Fourth Quarter | Eye On Housing