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Chart, photo tutorial and written instructions/ Esquema, foto tutorial e instrucciones escritas by Chabepatterns

3D Roses Bag pattern by Maria Isabel

Combine your skills, practice tapestry crochet to draw the leaves and then make some roses out of simple crochet stitches. You’ll make a fashionable two handle bag with beautiful volume. And use shaded yarn for a more natural effect.

Ravelry: Owl Tote'em pattern

Owl Tote'em pattern by Marken of The Hat & I

Owl bag

Owl Tote'em pattern by Marken of The Hat & I

-straps Saving this one so I can reflect back on the owls, and in my own style incorporate it into one of my bags!


New Pattern – Crochet Owl Coasters (Appliques). If only I knew how to crochet. Looks like I need to pick up a new hobby and actually stick with it this time