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#Ikat Textile The process of making ikats has been found in many cultures around the world in addition to Central Asia, such as Afghanistan, Nepal, Greece, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, and China (Online Shi-Bo-Ri Japan Museum). The Central Asian cities that are most well known for their designs of ikats are Bukhara and Samarkand as well as the towns located in the Ferghana Valley. These cities are centers for textile manufacturing, carpet weaving, and the production of ikats

Central Asian ikat weaves and styles are becoming trendy again: Frida Giannini infused the Gucci Fall 2010 collection with some pretty ikat dresses, while celebrities are wearing dyed ikat-inspired…

Riad De Tarabel

Find unique venues to celebrate, getaway and gather. A guide to gathering locations and events in communities in over 200 cities across the globe.

Boujad . BJ03 . Vintage Moroccan Carpets // Breuckelen Berber

Breuckelen Berber, specializing in a carefully curated selection of fine vintage carpets from the Berber tribes of Morocco.

The Pazyryk Carpet - oldest in the world

Oldest surviving example of a full rug; It was probably produced in the century BC by the nomadic Scythian people and was discovered by the Russian archaeologist Sergei Rudenko in a Scythian burial mound in the late

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Suzani is the extraordinarily beautiful and intricate embroidery tradition of Uzbekistan. Threads of silk or cotton are dyed vivid colors and stitched into the elaborate designs used to decorate bed covers, table cloths, and other household items.