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1 in 8 are affected by infertility! This board is for anything related to infertility. New contributors are welcome as long as they add relevant pins. THE ONLY RULE IS: 5 pins/day.
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Orange is the color of infertility awareness. Spread more awareness during national infertility awareness week (last week in April) by wearing this shirt.
Needing some extra motivation gearing up to your IUI? IUI Got This is printed on the top of the sock so you can always see it.
IVF shirt Prayers Pineapples and progesterone IVF gift | Etsy

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a complicated process. Check out this post with a breakdown of the process.
What Is PIO? In this blog post I talk about everything Progesterone in Oil including Progesterone shots tips, advice, what progesterone is for in IVF, and more. Progesterone prepares your body for pregnancy and is commonly used in embryo transfers via IVF - Mommy in Waiting
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We are so close to the launch of pre-sales, but you can order your now by supporting my Kickstarter! Learn more about this planner made for the over 1 in 10 people with endometriosis.
Stop Resisting. Start Reflecting: Why Black Lives Should Matter in the Endo Community
Track your symptoms and pain with a functional weekly spread.


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March is Endometriosis Awareness month and a great time to shed some light on a common, yet, often misunderstood disease, that can impact fertility. Click here to see our answers to the top 5 FAQs about endo:
PCOS is a pain the neck! Many doctors misdiagnose treating it as normal female issues, or they treat each symptom in isolation without looking at the whole thing.  Many women who have been diagnosed with PCOS are often forced to understand all their symptoms together and specifically ASK to be tested for PCOS. Is this fair... NO! Is it realirty...Sadly yes, so understand the PCOS signs and PCOS symptoms to advocate for yourself better.  #PCOS #PcosSigns #PcosSymptoms
How to increase your chances of getting pregnant with the top yoga poses to help boost fertility. Easy yoga poses and fertility practises for beginners wanting relaxation and to help relieve stress when Trying To Conceive (TTC) conceiving and help with symptoms of pcos, endometriosis and for those TTC with ivf. #yogaforpregnancy #fertilityyoga #yoga #yogaforinfertility #naturalfertility #pcos #ivf #endometriosis #fertilityboost


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peas with the words can peas make you infertile?
Peas & Fertility: Can Peas and Pea protein cause infertility? - To Make a Mommy
Peas and Fertility- what the research says about peas and infertility #ttc #fertilitydiet #fertility #infertility
Irregular menstrual cycles always mean PCOS. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments! 👇
Myth or Fact? 🤔
Irregular menstrual cycles always mean PCOS. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments! 👇
a person writing on a notebook with the title 75 + journaling prompts for ttc and inferitity
175+ Journaling Prompts for TTC & Infertility
Trying to conceive? Journaling can be a powerful tool for mental and emotional health at any time in life, but especially during times of struggle. Consider starting a journal, and use these prompts for getting pregnant and infertiltiy to get your creative juices flowing!
a mop with the words cleaning house for fertity on it
Safe Cleaning Products for Fertility
Safe Cleaning Products for Fertility- Eliminate fertility harming toxins and chemicals and chose these non-toxic options to help when trying to conceive or healing infertility! #fertility #infertility #ttc
a baby's feet with the words adopt a baby in oklahoma above it and below
Adopt a Baby in Oklahoma
Click here for a guide to adopting a baby in Oklahoma.
an info sheet describing the benefits of coq and ivf
CoQ10 for Fertility- How Coenzyme Q10 Improves Egg Quality in Age Related Infertility - To Make a Mo
The many benefits of CoQ10 on IVF treatments, egg health, sperm health, Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone!
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a forest with a quote written on it
Healing Emotionally After Miscarriage - To Make a Mommy
A prayer after miscarriage #ttc #fertilityprayer #fertility #infertility #mantra
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words adopt a baby in north dakota
Adopt a Baby in North Dakota
Here is your guide to adopting a baby in the state of North Dakota.
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption adopt a baby in virginia
How to Adopt a Baby in Virginia
Here is your guide to adoption in the state of Virginia.
a white frame with the words i am happy, i am healthy, i am ready
75 Effective Fertility Affirmations and Mantras
A fertility affirmation I used while on my long baby journey! #infertility #fertility #mantra
two people holding hands and walking next to each other with the words optimizing spam health how we did it, and you
Optimizing Male Sperm Health - To Make a Mommy
How my husband optimized his sperm health through diet, non-toxic choices, and lifestyle changes to help us get pregnant - twice!! #ttc #fertility #infertility #maleinfertility #malefertility
an open book with the title how i used dream journal for journaling and studying
Dream Journaling During Infertility or While Trying to Conceive - To Make a Mommy
Dream Journaling for Infertility, Fertility, or while trying to conceive. How I dream journaled to get pregnant after infertility! #ttc #fertility #infertility
the effects of sugar on fertiility and how to use it in your diet
Is Sugar Affecting Your Fertility? - Fab Fertile Inc.
Fertility and diet go hand in hand. Those struggling to conceive need to take a close look at their diet. Read more here about the effects of sugar on fertility. #sugar #fertility #TTC #diet #infertility #PCOS
the different types of flowers that can be seen in this poster
Praying for a Baby!
Infertility can be such an emotional burden, and you don’t want fear to dominate your pregnancy. In this post, we share multiple prayers for pregnancy and how to pray for the beautiful gift of life and to keep your pregnancy safe. Whether you’re hoping to get pregnant fast or want to pray for the safety of your current pregnancy, keep reading to find your perfect prayer for pregnancy.
yellow flowers with the words practicing gratitude for fertiility
Developing a Gratitude Practice for Fertility - To Make a Mommy
Developing a Gratitude Practice for Fertility - How and why I started a gratitude practice during my baby journey, and why you should too! #ttc #fertility #infertility