Running in the heat

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11 Tips For Running In The Heat (When Its Hot, Hot, Hot)

Running in the heat can be tough. Here are my top 11 tips for running when its hot (based on five years experience living in a very hot country)...

Summer Running Gear Essentials - Metcons & Miles

Running during the Summer doesn't have to be a suffer-fest. Especially if you have these summer running gear essentials to help keep you running all Summer

5 things to make summer running a little better

Running in the summer can be kind of miserable. From the oppressive heat to the excessive sweat to sunburns and constant thirst, it’s easy to get discouraged. I have five things that help my …

Running in the Heat & Humidity

The Summer months have arrived. Here's everything you need to know about surviving summer as a runner, and running in the heat & humidity.

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Running - Train for a

95 degree temperatures zapped your motivation to run? We put together this handy guide to help you with your summer running.

Summer Skin and Sun Care for Runners and Bikers

Summer is here! Offering some summer skin care and sun care tips for runners, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts for face, eyes and lips

5 Stages of Summer Running From Denial to Acceptance

From Denial to Acceptance, taking a look at the 5 stages of summer running from a runner who is struggling with the heat and humidity

Tips for Hot Weather Running - Fine Fit Day

Tips for Hot Weather Running. Hot weather hacks for training, racing and running for fun or fitness. Beginner runners or pros can benefit from these tips.

Summer Running Tips & Tricks

Everything you need to know about summer running. Get all the tips and tricks you need here, and learn what happens to your body as you acclimate to heat.

Smart Summer Running: 8 Tips to Keep You Strong, Healthy, and Hydrated

While the official first day of summer may be June 20, we all know that Memorial weekend is the real, if unofficial, kick-off to sunny days, warmer weather, and vacation time. For runners that means some changes to our cooler weather routine. It's time to start planning for summer running. I consider myself an expert on hot weather running. After all, living in the California desert for over 30 years, summer running for 25 years, not to mention coaching high school cross country through 12…

Hydration Tips for Summer Running

We sweat out a lot more fluids and electrolytes when running outside in the heat. Here's a guide for how much water you should be drinking in the heat..

How to run safe in the summer heat (tips, advice, gear)

Running is a fantastic and magnificent way to get out of the house, explore and get fit. Having the chance to get out and explore…

How to Run in Hot Weather - 7 Tips to Keep Your Cool

How to run in hot weather is a very common question & challenge for runners! Learn how to better acclimate when the temps rise & tips to stay cooler!

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Running - Train for a

95 degree temperatures zapped your motivation to run? We put together this handy guide to help you with your summer running.

The Surprising Benefits of Running in Heat - The Mother Runners

Running in hot weather is like training at altitude, studies show. Do it right and you can reap the rewards come fall.


Summer running can be a humbling, frustrating experience. But you can adapt! Here are 10 ways to survive running in the heat and humidity this summer.