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a black and white drawing with leaves on it
Notan w technice Zentangle®
three black and white patterns on a white background
Positive-Negative Patterns, Figure-Ground Reversal, and Counterchange | Artlandia Blog
Positive-Negative Patterns, Figure-Ground Reversal, and Counterchange | Artlandia Blog
an abstract black and white artwork piece with circles on the bottom, in front of a white wall
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two black and white paintings with leaves on them
Assignment 9: Notan (Positive&Negative) | ndbgraphicdesign
Assignment 9: Notan (Positive&Negative) | ndbgraphicdesign
an abstract black and white pattern
Modern Design stencils from The Stencil Library. Buy from our range of Modern Design stencils online. Page 2 of our Modern Design opticaleffect stencil catalogue.
Modern Design Rhombus stencils, stensils and stencles
cut out paper leaves sitting on top of a cutting mat
a black and white drawing of a potted plant with four leafed flowers in it
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Positive negative space plant still life
a piece of paper with black and white artwork on the bottom, depicting an abstract tree
Simply pretty. Reminds me of something my students used to do. I miss having students.
a black and white paper cutout with trees in the center, on a black background
You have all done a great job! Notan is such fun and with so few rules, its easy to just keep it going! I did a bunch over the summer... h...
a black and white drawing of an abstract shape
31 Notan ideas | notan art, notan design, art lessons
Middle Schools, Notan Shruikan, Art Lessons, Notan Design, Art Appreciation, Paper Art, Lessons Ideas, Neg Spaces, Japanese Notan
a black and white image of an abstract design with leaves in the shape of a brain
This Japanese form of collage teaches contrast, symmetry, positive/negative space, and composition. Great FLICKR gallery of examples!
a black and white drawing of a tree with leaves on it's branches in the center
Design to Quilt (Week 8) Elements of Design - Shape & Form
a black and white painting with leaves on it
In the Art Room: Ten Fave Fall Projects for Kids
Cassie Stephens: positive negative gelli prints
Positive Negative Space Drawing Paintings, Art Drawings, Negative Space Art, Mural Wall
Positive Negative Space Drawing
Positive Negative Space Drawing