The Sony World Photography Awards 2017 shortlist showcases the year's most remarkable photos. Stay tuned for the winners of the World Photo Awards!

2017 Sony World Photography Awards’ Best Photos - Lars Sivars, Sweden (Open Competition, Architecture)

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May a tornado warned high precipitation supercell storm is rolling over the town of Stratford, Texas.

Christina Roemmelt took this startling image of an ice cave in December 2016 after a long hike to a glacier in an undisclosed location

Tom Jacobi, Germany (Sony World Photography Awards - Professional, Landscape)

Off the coast of Mexico's Revillagigedo Islands, a lone silkie shark illuminated by the sunlight lurks beneath the surface near a rocky wall

Francesco Russo, Italy (Open Competition, Nature) Beyond dreams. The plain of Castelluccio Landscape in flowering.

Will Burrard-Lucas, United Kingdm (Professionnel, Natural World)