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33 Spectacular Quotes About the Human Condition That You Need in Your Life Right Now. The Mitch Albom quote is spot on. Pretty Words, Beautiful Words, Beautiful Things, Romantic Gestures, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspiring Quotes, Perfect Relationship, Thought Catalog, Human Condition

33 Spectacular Quotes About The Human Condition That You Need In Your Life Right Now

My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been…

53 Travel Quotes To Inspire You To See the World (Thought Catalog) Travel Around The World, Around The Worlds, Travel Themes, Wanderlust Travel, World Traveler, Business Travel, Oh The Places You'll Go, Travel Quotes, Travel Inspiration

53 Travel Quotes To Inspire You To See the World

Here's an inspirational travel quote for each week of the year (plus one for good measure) to keep you dreaming…

Singapore was voted the safest Asian country for solo female travelers. My Philosophy, Thought Catalog, Follow Your Heart, Wild And Free, Coming Home, Good Thoughts, Simple Way, Great Quotes, Traveling By Yourself

How To Find Where Your Heart Is

Sure enough, you are where you travel, what you eat, whom you meet, what you listen to, what you read…

To All You Recent College Grads: A Playlist Whiskey Shots, Perfect Music, Thought Catalog, Continuing Education, My Teacher, Beautiful Space, College Life, Screen Shot, Life Lessons

18 Lessons I Am Glad I Learned By 18

7. You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea. The best you can hope for is being someone's shot…

immediate coping mechanisms self harm. Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation Retreat, Free Meditation, Meditation Benefits, Meditation Quotes, Miguel Angel Garcia, Namaste, Life Falling Apart

10 Things That Happen When Your Life Falls Apart

The world keeps moving, running past you, and it doesn’t make sense how it can all keep going on after…

6 Ways We Can Start Treating People Like People Again Questions To Ask, This Or That Questions, Stress, Thought Catalog, Your Crush, Self Discovery, Daily Motivation, Make Time, Worlds Of Fun

6 Ways We Can Start Treating People Like People Again

I was sitting on the train today observing the humans around me. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on their phone screens…

Sunset / Novosibirsk / Siberia / by Mikhail Koninin. Places Around The World, Travel Around The World, Around The Worlds, Photography Tips, Street Photography, Photography Tutorials, Digital Photography, Russia Day, Trans Siberian Railway

Why You Should Believe In The Beauty Of Strangers

We're all just a little tired, a little lost, a little stuck on our respective paths, waiting for something or…

Sometimes though, losing a friend is hard. Sometimes it’s filled with heartbreak like your worst break up. Losing Friends, Losing You, Drifting Apart, Never Leave You, Thought Catalog, Like Crazy, When You Love, The Girl Who, Breakup

The Problem With Growing Up Is Losing Your Friends

Sometimes though, losing a friend is hard. Sometimes it's filled with heartbreak like your worst break up.

12 Oddly Helpful Benefits Of Having Anxiety In Your Twenties Feeling Sad, How Are You Feeling, Get Closer To God, Encouraging Thoughts, Healthy Mind And Body, Peaceful Life, Diets For Beginners, Daughter Quotes, Yoga Tips

12 Oddly Helpful Benefits Of Having Anxiety In Your Twenties

A lot of the time, anxiety pops the bubble that you've been living in up until now. It's scary, but…

how i met your mother himym barney stinson alyson hannigan ted mosby How I Met Your Mother, Best Tv Shows, Best Shows Ever, Favorite Tv Shows, Favorite Things, Netflix, Drama, Dilan O Brien, Ted Mosby

20 Little Things ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Fans Know To Be True

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM.

The Best Love Affirmations to Get the Universe Messaging Cupid Marriage Relationship, Marriage Advice, Love And Marriage, Marriage Box, Marriage Issues, Marriage Help, Biblical Marriage, Healthy Marriage, Perfect Relationship

When You Lose Yourself In Others, They Get To Keep A Piece Of You

Stop looking at the scars other people left you with. It’s time to look at the other point of view…

When They Don’t Love You Back | Thought Catalog Good Morning Text Messages, Good Morning Texts, Inspirational Quotes About Love, Love Quotes, Dont Love, Love You, Let's Talk About Love, Thought Catalog, Your Back

When They Don’t Love You Back

You can tell when you send them a good-morning text message, or mail them a gift, or take the time…

You’ll do your best, day-in and day-out, for sixty or eighty or a hundred years, and then you’ll be gone,… Dry Throat, One Chance, A Hundred Years, Nobel Peace Prize, Thought Catalog, Hawaiian Print, Do Your Best, You Are Perfect, Beauty Quotes

8 Undeniable Reasons Why It’s Okay (And Normal) That You’re Not Happy All The Time

You're going to go through things. Things that are hard, gut-wrenching, and scary. You'll have moments where you feel like…

The opening shot of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia is a close-up of Justine (played by Kirsten Dunst) her eyes shut, her wet, white-blonde hair wild, a feral halo around her face. And then she slowly opens her eyes. Kirsten Dunst, Lars Von Trier, Digital Projection, The Bell Jar, Thought Catalog, Sylvia Plath, When It Rains, Film Serie, Film Stills

Who (Not What) We Want To Be When We Grow Up Is What Really Matters

I don’t know what occupation I want to have or what city I want to live in, but I am…

How You Know Someone Cares Thought Catalog, When Someone, Wellness, Thoughts, Tanks, Ideas

How You Know Someone Cares

Someone who cares will listen. Now, there are times when they won’t listen well. We all do that sometimes: we’re…

Travel Was My Therapy Thought Catalog, Therapy, Thoughts, Awesome, Tips, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Traveling

Travel Was My Therapy

With nothing to run from, and nothing to run to, I left without a purpose.