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When Does 'Eating Clean' Become an Eating Disorder?

Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with healthy foods. In the age of raw food diets and Instagramming each of your meals as you #eatclean, it's becoming increasingly common—and dangerous.

In Bells Palsy only one side of your face may be affected by paralysis. Due to Bells Palsy the cranial nerve in your face gets Home Remedies For Sinus, Sinus Infection Remedies, Toenail Fungus Remedies, Herbal Remedies, Health Remedies, Laryngitis Remedies, Allergy Remedies, Natural Treatments, Natural Cures

Living With Garlic Intolerance or Allergy

Most people know about common food allergies and intolerances like nuts and shellfish. But did you know that some people have severe reactions to garlic as well?

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It's good that people are more demanding, but the epidemic of food intolerance has gone way over the top.

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Weight Watchers Points Plus: The Problem of 29

In 2011 Weight Watchers went through a major revision of their Points plan, calling it now Points Plus. How does it work - and does it have serious flaws for some people?

 Contradicts a lot of nutrition information. 7 of the biggest ‘facts’ about unhealthy food that actually aren’t true – The Washington Post Nutrition Data, Nutrition Guide, Nutrition Information, Nutrition Education, Coconut Milk Nutrition, Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Info, Healthy Facts, Vegetable Nutrition

How the gluten-free movement is ruining our relationship with food

Amid the rise of the fall out of gluten, there is a growing sense, largely from those who are actually studying the physiological effects of the protein, that people are being a little ridiculous.

With the arrival of so came modifications to Weight Watchers PointsPlus weight loss plan. The changes this time were modest compared to. Weight Loss Plans, Best Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Weight Loss Tips, Lose Weight Naturally, Reduce Weight, Weight Gain, How To Lose Weight Fast

Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012

It seems as though every year Weight Watchers changes something else about their plan! Here's a summary of what changed in 2012 - following the major shift to the PointsPlus system the year before.

Many who are interested in weight loss surgery ask, "How does the bariatric diet work?" It is a simple and effective mix of protein, fruit and vegetables. Best Weight Loss Plan, Weight Loss For Women, Diet Plans To Lose Weight, Weight Loss Goals, Weight Loss Program, Reduce Weight, Easy Weight Loss, Weight Loss Motivation, Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Watchers 360 Plan for 2013

What's new for Weight Watchers in 2013? This article examines the changes that are part of their 360 Plan.

Is Gluten Free really healthy for you? Gluten-free alternatives that millions are eating to get healthy - are actually highly inflammatory themselves. Gluten affects people in extremely different ways. Gluten Free Diet Plan, Gluten Free Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Allergies Alimentaires, Health Food Shops, Fast Food, Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Foods To Avoid

A new study has found that only one-third of people diagnosed with gluten sensitivity actually experience adverse side effects from gluten intake, adding further weight to the growing suspicion among scientists that gluten intolerance isn’t...

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Eat Healthier and Save Money: Grocery-Shopping Tips

What are some simple ways to save money at the grocery store, while not sacrificing good eating? Here are some of my tips and tricks.

The bacon freak-out: Why the WHO's cancer warnings cause so much confusion - Vox Proper Nutrition, Nutrition Guide, Dark Chocolate Nutrition, High Fat Diet, Food Hacks, Keto, Food And Drink, Bacon, Piglets

The bacon freakout: Why the WHO's cancer warnings cause so much confusion

No, red meat is not just as bad as smoking.

"Though multiple studies have shown that diet drinks are terrible for your body, the public continues to drink copious amounts. Ketogenic Diet Plan, Diet Coke, Diet Drinks, Diet And Nutrition, Atkins, Weight Gain, Low Carb, Make It Yourself, Healthy

Diet Soda and Weight Gain

Could diet soda actually be making you gain weight? Before you grab another can of "zero calorie" soda, consider the conflicting evidence and potential hazards.