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you want to get started blacksmithing and can't find an anvil, you can make one out of a piece of RR track for small items and knives. Metal Projects, Welding Projects, Metal Crafts, Fabrication Metal, Blacksmith Forge, Blacksmith Projects, Metal Working Tools, Forging Metal, Metal Shop

Railway-track anvil by timjo on DeviantArt

A makeshift anvil made out of old railway track. Surfaces mainly milled and grinded to form, water-hardened and polished. I made this for jewelery and l... Railway-track anvil

Bone carving tutorial on run away dremel burrs. Does your carving tools jump around or chatter? Solve this problem here. Dremel Werkzeugprojekte, Dremel Wood Carving, Carving Tools, Antler Jewelry, Antler Art, Jewelry Tools, Bone Jewelry, Deer Antler Crafts, Dremel Tool Projects

Bone Carving Tutorial: Dremel Advice

Bone Carving Tutorial: Dremel Advice: The home of this tutorial can be found: here.It is a question often asked of me: how do you stop the dremel, a powerful rotary tool you can use for carving, from digging in and taking huge chunks of material away? In this bone carving tutorial, I ...

Forging tools - You Too Can Make an Anvil Forging Knives, Forging Tools, Forging Metal, Metal Working Tools, Metal Tools, Metal Fabrication Tools, Wood Working, Metal Projects, Welding Projects

You Too Can Make an Anvil

You Too Can Make an Anvil: I have always enjoyed working with metals especially heating them up and pounding into usable shapes. When the show Forged in Fire came out it reignited my interests and I began to experiment with forging steels even more. As my skills progresse...

Using a string jig to build a Flemish Twist Bow String Traditional Bow, Traditional Archery, Bushcraft Gear, Bushcraft Camping, Survival Weapons, Survival Prepping, Bow String, Archery Bows, Archery Girl

How to Build a Flemish Twist Bow String | Archer's Den

Learn how to make a Flemish twist bow string at home. Building a bow string is fun and easy. Follow along and be building your own bow string in no time.

Woodworking Techniques How To Build A Steam Box - Free woodworking tips and advice from Highland Woodworking. Essential Woodworking Tools, Best Woodworking Tools, Woodworking Techniques, Woodworking Supplies, Woodworking Bench, Woodworking Crafts, Woodworking Videos, Popular Woodworking, Youtube Woodworking

Woodworking Tools | Woodworking Supplies

How To Build A Steam Box - Free woodworking tips and advice from Highland Woodworking.

Sugar rocket with stick and fuse attached Science Projects, Science Experiments, Projects For Kids, Stem Projects, Science Activities, Build A Rocket, Diy Rocket, Survival Tips, Survival Skills

How to Make Sugar Rockets

How to make quick and easy sugar rockets using potassium nitrate, sorbitol and red iron oxide. Includes a kit to make 25 1/2-inch sugar rockets.

knife making kit with tools Trench Knife, Antler Jewelry, Homemade Weapons, Hard Metal, Knife Sharpening, Knife Making, Making Tools, Bone Carving, Custom Knives

Ritual athame bone knife handcarved magic tool wicca tribal | Etsy

Long ritual knife made of a solid bone piece. We made it smooth and sharp, you really can cut with them. Knifepoint is also spicy. You can use such knife in your rituals or spiritual practices: vicca or shamanism ones, or pagan ceremonies, depending on what is up to your religion. Also, knife can