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These trends are likely to strengthen and become even more popular in the new year

2017 Logo Design Trends - in simplicity continues to rule when it comes to logo designs. Some of the most common trends seen this year: Minimalism - The catchiest logo designs


I love design that takes advantage of stair edges as they are a fabulous canvas for colour and pattern. Case in point? A beautiful staircase makeover by Dihzahyners, a team of artists and designers "aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brig .

Diagnoza w tradycyjnej medycynie chińskiej (TCM) ma wiele składowych. Jedną z nich jest analiza stanu języka. Tutaj pokazane zostało to z adnotacją angielską i podziałem na teorię 5 elementów. Praktycznie każda medycyna naturalna ma tutaj swoje korzenie. Prof Enji

In TCM, many health conditions can be determined by looking at the the tongue.


Dreaming angel - silicone mold for soap and candles making soap mould molds soap mold

Ay Güneş Silikon Sabun Kalıbı

Ay Güneş Silikon Sabun Kalıbı