Tutorial: How to Draw Lips - 3/4 View  http://rapidfireart.com/2016/10/07/how-to-draw-lips-from-the-34-view/

Tutorial: How to Draw Lips A very simple way to draw lips. You can even use this method to draw different types of lips by making just a few changes in step

ISSUU - Nº 137 Agosto 2014 - Pintura Decorativa by Materia Prima

Nº 137 Agosto 2014 - Pintura Decorativa



Knitted ballerina flats or house slippers ~~ Деревенские тапочки

Bathroom space saver floor cabinet // stores up to 12 rolls of toilet paper and fits beside the closet - brilliant idea!


Snowscape Brooches by Applique Originals (Hand Embroidery). Simple stitches used…

Good ideas for slippers. In Russian, but diagrams look useful.

Тапочки, носки, варежки...

Correo: milagros fernández pascual - Outlook

Tovaglietta Americana Imbottita Angelica Home & Country Collezione Cuori…

Yaratıcı Fikirler, Yaratıcı Projeler  Sihirli Eller, Küçük Dokunuşlar, Büyük Mutluluklar

Made from the coiled glossy pages of magazines. Fantastically innovative and wonderfully green! Would use a wooden side table as a base to cover instead of just solid paper.